Legal Research, Contract Drafting and Reviewing

Our Paralegal service to preparing legal research, contract drafting and review is as follows:

Price and Procedures please download here

No. Description Price
1 Research (Riset) Desk Research Rp 350.000/jam
Field Research Rp 500.000/jam
2 Pembuatan atau Peninjauan Kontrak

(Contract Drafting or Reviewing)

Perjanjian Kerjasama Rp 3.500.000,-
Perjanjian Jual-Beli Rp 3.000.000,-
Perjanjian Sewa-Menyewa Rp 2.500.000,-
Kontrak Kerja Karyawan (Perjanjian Kerja Waktu Tertentu / Paruh Waktu) Rp 2.000.000,-
Penyusunan dan Pendaftaran Peraturan Perusahaan Rp 2.500.000,-
Surat Kuasa Rp 1.500.000,-
Surat Penunjukan Rp 1.500.000,-
Surat Pernyataan Rp 1.500.000,-


Disclaimer :

Paralegal Services that we provide is limited to providing assistance to clients who need research, the creation or review of the Contract (Research, Contract Drafting and Reviewing) supervised by our legal team consisting of the Bachelor of Law who has the ability and adequate qualifications in the field of business law ,

If required to consult orally or face-to-face with our legal team, can be provided upon request for a fee consultation different from the costs mentioned above. EasyHelps and JasaParalegal is not a law firm so that we are not dealing with cases in court (Litigation).

Paralegal Services we prepare according to the will and solely for the benefit of the Client. Clients are entitled to decide to be or not to use the final draft that we made.

All legal consequences of the use of the draft which we made entirely the responsibility of the Client.

Legal Research, Contract Drafting and Reviewing
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