Who We Are

Jasa Paralegal exist to provide legal assistance to Single or Small Law Firms also Individual Lawyers and Companies. Increased professionalism and quick response in providing services to Clients or Customers require a reliable team that is capable of meeting the Client's needs. Jasa Paralegal allow you to increase your professionalism at an affordable cost.


Jasa Paralegal is a division of PT EasyHelps Multi Solusindo. We are not a law office and does not provide legal services in the Court (Litigation). Our services are limited to legal assistant services and are intended to support the work of Lawyers, Notaries, and also a Legal Department of a Company. If you need legal consultation from our team, it can be provide upon request.

Our team consists of law students, experienced staff members in the legal service industry. They are qualified and reliable in carrying out tasks and jobs as a paralegal under the supervision of registered Lawyers and Notaries.