Paralegal Training Program

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Paralegal Training Program is intended exclusively for staff who working in the field of law both in the Law Office, Notary Office, Legal Division in a company, In-house lawyer also for those who are interested want to better understand what the duties and responsibilities of a Legal Assistant (Paralegal).

Our Paralegal Training program provide by the Lecturer of Law Faculty, Legal Practitioners, Advocates, and Senior Staff who have long been involved and worked in the legal field.

Anyone who can follow Paralegal Training Program, among others:

Administrative staff of Law Office or Notary: such as receptionist, secretary, and Finance Department, librarian, filing staff, IT staff, Fresh Graduates, Supervisor, Manager and Lawyer who wish to further increase the effectiveness and efficiency of work.

The topics that we teach at Paralegal Training Program, among others:

  • Filing System for Law Offices
  • The calculation method of billing time spent / preparation of attorney hours report
  • Legal drafting for paralegals
  • Litigation for Paralegals
  • Paralegal role in helping Lawyers or Notary
    nd other legal forms of training fields as needed.

For more info, please feel free to contact our office.